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How to learn any language in six months
Chris Lonsdale | TEDxLingnanUniversity 
5 Principales and 7 Actions
Immersion is not the answer - 'A drowning man cannot learn to swim'. 
Attention - If you are happy, relaxed, in an alpha brain state, you will learn.
Relevance - If you understand the message, you will learn the language.
Action 1.  Listen a lot (Brain Soaking)
Action 2.  You get the meaning first (TPR, Signing)
Action 3.  10 nouns, 10 verbs, 10 adjectives = 1000 combinations! 
               Communicate with simple pronouns, nouns, ... me want, you give, ... etc.  Glue words come later...
Action 4.  1000 covers 85% of anything you will ever say in daily conversation.
Action 5.  How do you say that, I don't understand, What does that mean, Can you explain
Action 6.  A Language Parent (LP), parents understand children, safe environment.
               Parents used body language and simple input that they know the child understands. 
               The LP will pay attention to help you understand the message. They never correct you.  They feedback your understanding so you can respond.
Action 7.  Copy the face. 
Action 8.  Direct connect.  Do not try to remember lists... make images, build stories... connect new sounds to images. This builds the language neural network.
5 Techniques to learn a new language
Sid Efromovich | TEDxUpperEastSide
Rule no. 1 Make mistakes
Rule no. 2
Rule no. 3 Establish a relationship with someone who will encourge you ...teacher/friend/skype pal/...
Rule no. 4 Shower conversations
Rule no. 5  
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