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The Olympics 2016

Top 3 positions in the medal table

The medal table is based on the number of gold medals that each country has won.

1. USA (47)

2. GB (27)

3. China (26)

Since the modern Olympic era began in 1896, no country has increased its medal tally at the summer Games immediately following one that it hosted.

GB have smashed their pre-Games target of at least 48 medals.

China, with a population of 1.357 billion, compared to Britain's 64.1 million, has amassed more medals (70) than GB in Brazil. That means Rio 2016 is the nation's most successful 'away' Games in history for GB.

The US have topped the medal table at five of the past six Games and achieved 100-plus medal hauls five times since Atlanta 1996.

France has achieved seventh place in the list with a tally of 10 gold medals (and 42 medals in total)


GB = Great Britain

Tally = total

smashed = beat (gagner) by a big margin

away = in a different country

amassed = collected

a haul = a collection

topped = to be at the top of the list

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