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A simple explanation of the tradition of Thanksgiving

In 1620 a group of people left England and travelled by boat to the United States of America. They wanted to leave England because the English King was not tolerant of any Christian religion other than the Protestant Church of England. The name of the religious group was the ''Puritans''. They arrived in America in the winter. They did not know how to survive. Half (50%) of the group died. The rest survived thanks to the local population (grace aux indigenes) who showed them how to grow crops (comment cultiver). Following the first harvest (la recolte) the group of Puritans gave thanks (remerciaient) for the food.

You can also look at the film FREE BIRDS (Cliquez ici pour "Droles de Dindes") which is a very funny cartoon made in 2013 and loosely based on the story of Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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